Toni Huata in China!

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Toni Huata is in Shanghai for the World Music Festival, NZ World Music Festival and will also travel to Wuxi city for the Shanghai International Festival over the next 3 weeks. Toni stunned Shanghai locals with her first performance last night in New Hongqiao Central Park that also saw Toni collaborate with local based DJ Cavia for the first time. Toni also will engage in cultural exchange visits, music schools, universities, consulate events and poi making works shops as well as further festival shows whilst in China. “Just in this short time I have an even deeper respect for the culture, history and language of the people here in China. I am very honoured to be part of one of the four groups that have and are entertaining here alongside Maisey and JJ Rika, The Musical Island Boys and Wellington’s International Ukulele Orchestra. The collaboration with DJ Cavia is perfect. I look forward to the rest of our stay here.” - Toni Huata


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Mãori song-tress Toni Huata recently performed with Strike Percussion and soprano Deborah Wai Kapohe at the All Blacks verse Spring Box game at Westpac Stadium, Wellington, NZ. "I love the collaboration of these musical and cultural elements performing Gareth Farr's piece 'Ngã Tae Hurihuri' for this occasion. Very special and always an honour...thank you my friends" Toni Huata.

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