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Mauri To - Everlasting Force

Mauri Tō album has been described as 'Everlasting Thymos having vitality with absolution and vision'. Born out of Toni's desire to develop further the songs written by her late grandfather Major Te Okanga Kahutapere Huata.

Mostly written in old Mōteatea, a style of language best equated to Shakespeare or Goethe. The music is a masterpiece gently caressing each song with subtle background & strong traditional vocal styles.
Mauri Tō also owes a lot to Maaka McGregor of the mighty WAI, a genius in the manipulation of sound who has stayed true to the Mōteatea style infusing his 20 years of recording, playing and performing into the dramatic sound you hear on this album. 

Toni says: "From whakapapa to te Ao Māori and from the world to him as an orator I aimed to develop further Dad's waiata and music into a wider pacific style but still honoring mōteatea."
Enhanced CD-Rom element includes:
2 music videos - Ko Wai Ka Hua & Tōku Reo
About Toni
The Gallery 
All Lyrics (English translations)

Album Track Listing

1. He Mihi Maioha (Greet Affectionately)

2. Hinana (Search)

3. Whakarongo ā Tai (Listen to the tide)

4. Ao Hurihuri (Today's World)

5.Tokomauritanga (Affections)

6. Hīkoia te Whetū (Stride over the Stars)

7. Mauri Tō (Everlasting Force)

8. Hau Āwhiowhio (Whirlwind)

9. Nei te Hunga (Here are the People)

10. Whakawhana Mai Ana (Impelling)

11. Ngā Tukemata (The Fierce Looks)

12. Ao Hurihuri (radio edit)

13. Hinana (radio edit)

14. Mauri Tō (radio edit)

15. Hau Āwhiowhio (radio edit)